Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Damyang House?

The Damyang House is a private house that is available as a vacation rental. It essentially functions as a private pension.

Where is The Damyang House?

The house is located in Ji-Shil village, which is about 20 minutes outside of Gwangju city, across the street from the Gwangju Lake Eco-Park and just down the road from Mudeung National Park. The exact address will be given to you upon confirmed reservation.

Why are there two houses?

The main house (20 pyeong) is the original house and what “The Damyang House” is known for.  In the spring of 2017 we converted the storage unit in the front yard to a stand alone guesthouse (7.5 pyeong).  It has its own bathroom, kitchen and living space (Korean style floor sleeping) as well as AC, television, small stereo, bidet, etc.  The guesthouse is basically just extra space for larger groups and will not be rented separately.

How do I get there?

(Tranfer TO the house upon arrival is included as a service.  Guests are responsible for transportation upon departure. )

Option 1: Drive. We’re located right across from the Gwangju Lake Eco-park, which is about 15km from Chonnam National University.

Option 2: Take a bus. Both the 187 and 225 stop in front of Ji-Shil village (지실마을), which is where the house is. The 187 from CNU backgate takes about 40 minutes and runs approximately once an hour (not the 1187…this will take you to Wonhyosa on top of Mudeung Mountain).  The 187 bus brings you to the house via Mudeung National Park so it’s actually a pretty fun bus ride! The 225 runs from both Usquare (the bus terminal) and the Gwangju train station. This option takes a little over an hour and there are only seven buses a day…call 1330 for an updated bus schedule.

Option 3: Call taxi. 017-604-2201 is the call taxi we usually use. From the bus terminal it costs roughly 25-30,000.

Option 4: Ride a bike. Takes a little over an hour from CNU.

What amenities are available?

It’s a fully functioning house so there isn’t much we don’t have. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to ask.

Three bikes (varying sizes)

Two BBQs (one Weber grill and one Korean-style steel drum/table grill)

Full-size oven

Filtered water

Entertainment center/computer (full stereo and surround sound for both movies and music)


Air Condition

Private parking

Private, semi-fenced yard

Outdoor hammock

Fully renovated bathroom


Cornhole (beanbag toss/game)

Cast Iron stove/fireplace

Outdoor fire pit

*(complimentary firewood included. Additional wood available for purchase)

What should I bring?

The Damyang House functions as a private pension. Most people come to hangout, do some exploring, cook a big dinner and booze around the campfire until bedtime. So besides the obvious (clothes, toiletries, etc), I recommend:

Food – Plenty of restaurants around, but if you plan on cooking try to bring everything you need for EACH meal (we offer fresh ground coffee for the morning, but you’ll need everything else). There are convenience stores around, but the nearest grocery store is about 6km away (more info about shopping below).

Booze – After about 10pm you’re SOL so bring extra if you like to get loose.

Charcoal – If you plan on BBQing, bring charcoal. This is the number one item people forget.

Bug Spray – Between 4-7pm the mosquitoes can be ruthless. A bit of bug spray and a long sleeve shirt/pants can go a long way to preserving your sanity. At night they’re hardly noticeable.  Also, if you have a dog it is strongly recommended to bring flea/tick spray.

Music – There is loads of music available on the computer/stereo that is already setup and easily accessible, however you are welcome to plug in your own mp3 player.

Where is the nearest store?

The nearest store for snacks, beer and cigs (and the only one within walking distance) is the 7-11 across from the Eco-park. It’s about a 1km walk/bike from the house. If you need something more substantial, you can drive about 6km back towards Gwangju and you’ll see a few different marts at the GoSeo junction (basically it’s the first traffic light/intersection you see). Local Food will be on your left and is the largest grocery store around.  They also sell a vast array of “local products” (hence the name) and is a fun place to look around.  Support this place if you can.  If those don’t have what you need, take a left at that intersection (again towards Gwangju) and keep going straight for another 10ish km and eventually you’ll see Home Plus.

Can I bring my dog?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer:  Each dog will be charged a 20,000won cleaning fee.

Everyone swears up and down that their dog is an angel and would never do anything to damage our house.  From experience I can assure you this is not the case.  We are one of the few places (the only?) that allow pets and have had our fair share of irresponsible dog owners visit.  Please don’t make us regret our decision to allow pets!

We kindly ask that you bathe your dog if/when they get filthy after exploring the countryside.  Soap and towels for your dog are provided.

Do I have to use airbnb to make my reservation?

NO!  We accept direct bookings with payment via bank transfer (instructions given upon confirmed reservation).  We are a licensed business with private insurance so airbnb is no longer necessary, however it is still an option if you do not have a Korean bank account.

Can I forage for wood for my campfire?

Absolutely not. Most bamboo forests in Damyang are protected and on top of that the owner of the bamboo forest surrounding our house is NOT friendly. Firewood in Korea is very expensive and we buy in bulk (2 tons at a time) in order to offer it to guests. We’ll provide enough to get you started (complementary) and enjoy a fire after dinner. More will be available for purchase if you’d like to continue later into the night. I assure you we do not make money from the sale of firewood.

Can I host my bachelor/bachelorette/full moon party there?

No. No you can not.

Is the house available for day use?

No.  There is a two night minimum to use the house.

Are there animals/insects I should be worried about?

There are snakes around, a few of which are rumored to be venomous, however I’ve only seen a handful and I spend A LOT of time out here. Frogs on the other hand, are everywhere. Big ones, small ones, colorful ones…you name it. Birds, of course. Insects, sure.

What can I do while I’m there?

Here are a few ideas.