Restaurant Review: 산수옥모밀 (SanSuOk Momil)

The SanSuOk Momil (soba/buckwheat noodles) franchise is a staple around Jeolla-Do.  They’re littered throughout the neighborhoods of Gwangju, but oddly vary in terms of quality and consistency.  The most famous one is downtown and the same family owns operates this one adjacent to the Duam-dong Home Plus (동광주).  The Duam-dong location (specifically) offers hands down the best buckwheat noodles in town and is a convenient option for lunch if you find yourself at Homeplus picking up some last minute items for the weekend.




The Duam-dong SanSuOk restaurant is located on the northside of Homeplus, directly across from the parking garage entrance (map).  It’s an unassuming storefront to say the least.  Inside you’ll find chairs and tables in the front and floor seating in the back.  It’s guaranteed to be packed during peak mealtimes, but the wait is never long as Koreans tend to inhale their noodles at warp speed.

The menu offers a variety of different momil dishes, both hot and cold, as well as some other traditional favorites you’d expect to find in a place like this (만두, 돈까스, 떡만두국,etc).  I’ve honestly never been disappointed with anything on this menu and for just over ten bucks between two people it’s surprisingly affordable and filling (and vegetarian friendly!).For a cold noodle dish I would recommend the 마른모밀, which comes with a small bowl of broth and a cup of cold sauce to either dip your noodles in or simply pour into the bowl of noodles.  For a hot dish I’m a big fan of the 냄비모밀, which comes with bits of fried tofu as well as a cooked egg in addition to the momil noodles.  And don’t sleep on the buckwheat mandu (메밀왕만두)…they’re amazing!





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