Restaurant Review: Windmills of My Heart (내 마음 풍차) – Soba Noodles/Don Katsu

Don’t be fooled by the goofy name of this restaurant…it actually used to be a functioning mill and was used to grind the crops gown by local farmers.  They’ve kept a lot of the old machinery intact and it makes for a really unique atmosphere inside.  The additional antiques around the restaurant provide just enough eye candy to keep you busy while you wait for your food.  Nice views of the nearby river and excellent background music (60’s and 70’s Korean pop music) as well.






This place was empty for years so we were pretty excited when the owners finally decided to remodel the space and convert it to a momil restaurant and cafe.  I’m a HUGE fan of both momil and don katsu, the main two dishes here, so it was going to take a lot more than a quirky atmosphere to impress me.  Sure enough our first visit left me not only unsatisfied, but also annoyed that the server wouldn’t give our group more than one order of don katsu because they thought it was too much food.  It wasn’t.

To be fair, we went shortly after they opened and it’s very possible they were still sorting out their menu.  We decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and recently returned to see if things have improved over the last six months.  They definitely have.

The momil is handmade and the odang was a welcome addition.  The broth was a bit on the weak side, but it was otherwise a solid effort and something I’d be happy to eat on the regular.

The don katsu is also handmade and one of the best I’ve had around Damyang.  This is what I’ll return for!  The additional fried treats, salad and rice were all tasty as well.  Not as fancy as what you get at SoHo down the street, but still pretty damn impressive.


Two piping hot bowls of soup and a fried pork cutlet for 20,000won.  They even gave us free americanos in to-go cups as we left.  This is a perfect spot to grab lunch after visiting the Eco-Park, or just stop by for a latte and enjoy the warm caste-iron stove, unique atmosphere, and countryside views.

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