Bike’n Hike (XI): Naejangsan National Park

Destination:  Naejangsan National Park
Cycling:  50km (one-way)
Hiking:  5km

This is our fourth visit to Naejangsan National Park for good reason (see also Bike’n Hike I, II & VI).  It’s not only a beautiful underrated park, it’s also extremely accessible in terms of cycling and hiking.  At this point it pretty much acts as the “entry level” Bike’n Hike adventure for those on the fence about whether something like this would be fun or torturous.

We’ve covered this trip in detail in the past, so here is a brief photo essay of this most recent trip.  When my friend wasn’t complaining about the cycling and my wife wasn’t complaining about the hiking it was a perfectly lovely two day adventure!

 Early start to the day.  Perfect weather.

 Local rice farmers.

 Empty roads on the way to the park.

 Some tough uphill cycling!

Countryside 솟대.

 First views of Naejangsan National Park.

 Jojo cheated and drove to the park to meet us for lunch.

 Countryside lunch…every restaurant serves the same thing!

 At least one of us is happy!

 It’s not a huge park, but if you hike the rim it definitely takes all afternoon.


 I’ve never taken the tram in the past, and no one was in the mood for a long hike, so it was as good a time as any to try it out.

 Tram leaves every 20 minutes or so.  Takes about 15 minutes to the top.  Pretty fun ride up!

 After the tram there is still a bit of hiking to make it to the closest of the seven peaks.

 Once you are on the ridge trail it’s nothing but views.

We made it!

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