Tourist Attractions: The Damyang Resort Spa (담양온천)

The Damyang Resort was probably “the shit” back when it was built 20 odd years ago.  Today it’s not nearly as impressive as the modern resorts or even some of the nicer pensions around Damyang county.  In short, it’s had a tough time modernizing and keeping up with the newest trends.  The advertised DJ pool parties are clearly an effort to take that big step into the today’s world, but wow…it just looked weird.

Having said that, they still have a lot to offer and while I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit, it is something worth having on your radar in case you’re in the area cycling or hiking.  The sauna was actually nicer than I thought it would be.

Obviously it’s difficult to get photos, because body parts and stuff, but here’s a quick overview to give you an idea of what they have to offer:
Immediately when you walk in you’re greeted with a grand lobby.  Directly to the back is where you’ll find the outdoor swimming pool.  To your right is the front desk to pay for the sauna and the women’s sauna entrance (8,000원).  To the left is the men’s sauna entrance.

After you pay head to your respective sauna entrance.  Use the key to access the shoe locker and lock up your shoes.  Don’t get naked yet otherwise you will make a lot of people very uncomfortable.  Continue into the locker room and find the locker for your personal belongings and open it using the same key.   NOW you can disrobe.


The bathhouse has plenty of showers (shower first please!) and of course a variety of baths varying in size, temperature and health benefit.  Never soaked in green tea before?  Now’s your chance.  There are also two steam rooms and a very nice outdoor bath in a courtyard garden.  Sitting in a pool of hot water outdoors in the winter is pretty amazing.The Damyang Resort also has private “family” rooms that can be rented for the day or evening.  It’s not cheap.  They’re not even that nice honestly.  The setup is great though as you have a main room that functions as a private minbak, a private wooden bath that uses geothermal water from 1km below the earth’s surface and a deck area overlooking the swimming pool outside.  Like I said, this place was probably pretty sweet back in the day…shame it hasn’t been better maintained over the years.


No pictures of the swimming pool, because you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to come hangout here during peak season (it’s packed with families and kids and absolutely no fun at all).  Anyway, there is a swimming pool as well.